Era Boost Pro – Greenhouse tomatoes

Results of trials on the growth and yield of greenhouse tomatoes in commercial production. In these trials, Era Boost Pro was applied using a drip irrigation system at the end of the day in combination with the fertigation solution. The trial aimed to evaluate the effect of Era Boost Pro on yields for this crop.

tomate parcelle experimentale scaled

Tomato cumulative harvested mass

The trial was carried out on plants that were already in full production at the start of the trial. Producers artificially determine the number of tomatoes each plant will produce by selecting the number of flowers that will be allowed to produce a fruit. This decision is based on crop vigour, among other factors. For this trial, the management of treated plants did not adapt to plant vigour, which means that the increased yield is due only to the weight of the harvested fruit. As is the case when observing other plants, several weeks are needed for Era Boost Pro to show effects on a crop that is already in production.

Tomato total harvested mass

The trial showed a 7.7% increase in the yield of harvested tomatoes.


McGill University & Don Smith, PhD - Montreal, Canada – 2018

Material and methods

1. Randomized block design, 3 replicates of 24 stalks

2. Vine tomatoes

3. One application of Era Boost Pro every 2 weeks (0.5 mL/L)


-Yield increase by 7.7%