Growing science

Rather than basing a product on just one approach or mode of action, Ulysse develops multi-action products based on consortia of bacteria or multiple active molecules. That means our solutions attack the targeted problem from a number of angles, which makes them more efficient and applicable to a wider spectrum of applications. Ulysse masters the art of creating winning consortia.

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Our purpose

Our team discusses innovation and microbiology with the passion of wine connoisseurs for fine vintages. True to our values, we aim to play a key role in facing the major agricultural, sanitary and medical challenges of our times. At the heart of our role is disruptive technology that can equal or surpass the results achieved with conventional chemistry and do so in natural, stable and durable ways.

Our science

Invisible to the naked eye, but with highly visible impacts, the innovative solutions developed by Ulysse Biotech are proof to all that the future lies in nature. And it’s only the beginning, because our team has momentum and is looking beyond the horizon in the pursuit of innovation. Part scientists, part conquerors, our experts dare to revamp existing models and position our company as a spearhead of change, at the crossroads of environmental, technological and human progress. We aim to get the most out of the forces of nature to improve not just plant yields, but the possibilities of tomorrow.

We develop consortia of bacteria.

Based on microbial teamwork, these products offer a number of advantages:

- Exceptional two-year stability
- High precision thanks to one-at-a-time bacteria fermentation
- A liquid product, easy to dilute; no deposits, no pathogens
- A design based on user needs