Our team

Ulysse Biotech has assembled a multidisciplinary team of scientists that can take all aspects of living organisms into account. Our team includes microbiologists, agronomists, molecular biologists, fermentation specialists, biochemists and enzymologists.

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Yves Hurtubise , Yves Hurtubise, Ph. D.

Yves Hurtubise, Ph. D., president of Ulysse Biotech, is a recognized international leader in the fields of industrial microbiology and fermentation, enzymology, molecular biology and biochemistry. Though his career is in industry, Yves has co-authored twenty or so scientific publications and has received many grants from Canada’s main funding agencies. In all of the companies where he worked, he was responsible for technological development. In early 2015, Yves founded Ulysse Biotech with two friends who believed in his work. Since then, Yves has pursued his dream of developing an environmental biotechnology company that can have a significant impact on the health of environments and people. Creating quality jobs and helping emerging countries are also among his priorities.

Robert Bouchard
Vice president, Administration

Robert Bouchard brings to Ulysse Biotech’s management team over 30 years of experience in business management, strategic planning, project management, operational management and financial administration. The wide-ranging administrative and interpersonal skills he has acquired as a senior manager in many large engineering consulting firms have a direct impact on Ulysse Biotech’s success as several of our product lines move from the research and development phase to the international marketing phase.

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François Gagné-Bourque , PH.D
Vice-President, Business Development/Operations

François Gagné-Bourque, Vice-President of Corporate Development and Operations, brings to the Ulysse Biotech team a unique vision combining practice and research, thanks to his past experience as an agricultural producer and his training as an agricultural researcher. His studies in agronomy and applied microbiology, pursued in Canada, Denmark and Spain, allowed him to experience a wide variety of visions of science and agriculture. François has been with Ulysse almost since the very beginning of the company and has been involved in research and development, regulatory affairs, marketing, business development and industrial pilot projects. Currently, François devotes his efforts to business development, operations and applied research.

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Nicolas Dufour
Manufacturing Director

Nicolas Dufour has a master’s degree in molecular and cellular biology, as well as a bachelor’s degree in biology and ecology. Inspired by nature, his goal is to contribute to the ecological solutions of our times through a deeper understanding of biological systems. In his view, Nature always has the last word. That is why he applies the wide-ranging skills he brings to the Ulysse Biotech team to developing eco-responsible and innovative products that are inspired by nature and that have the potential to revolutionize agriculture. Nicolas has been the director of production for many years and also has solid experience in industrial microbiology and particularly fermentation. With his dynamic and ambitious personality, Nicolas will certainly continue to contribute to the growth of Ulysse Biotech over the coming years.

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Geneviève Laperriere , Ph.D.
Director Recherche & Développement

Geneviève Laperrière has a Ph. D. in cellular and molecular biology from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Geneviève’s graduate studies focused on characterizing fungal diversity in the boreal and temperate forests of Quebec and identifying environmental variables that influence the distribution of forest fungi, particularly mushrooms of interest. Her expertise also includes various molecular biology techniques (metabarcoding, qPCR), as well as knowledge in the areas of computational biology, statistics and many biochemical, microbiology and plant anatomy lab techniques. Along with her scientific skills, Geneviève also brings managerial talent to the Ulysse Biotech team, thanks to her strong skills in project and lab management.

Lauriane Giroux , Ph.D.
Coordinator of applied research and innovation

Lauriane Giroux has recently obtained her Ph. D. in biology (microbiology stream) from Université de Sherbrooke. Her academic work focuses on interactions between the phytopathogen Streptomyces scabies and potatoes. Lauriane brings to Ulysse Biotech her scientific expertise in phytopathology, proteomics and microbiology. She also contributes to the development of biocontrol solutions and supervises applied research.

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Jovane Morrissette Hamelin , Ph.D.

Jovane Hamelin-Morrissette holds a Ph. D. in cellular and molecular biology from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Her thesis focused on the regulation of inflammation by natural or synthetic molecules in in vitro and in vivo models. Her specialization in human immunology, her experience in coordinating clinical studies and her skills in computational biology are key assets for Ulysse Biotech’s vaccine-related projects. Jovane masters a wide range of techniques in molecular biology and brings to the team her know-how in cellular biology, particularly cell cultures, fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometry and various types of immunoassay.

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Joëlle Rancourt , M. Sc.

Joëlle Rancourt holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and biotechnology and a master’s degree in cellular and molecular biology from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Her academic research focused on the study of the fluctuation of the plant nuclear proteome during a viral infection and the activation of the immune response. She brings strong expertise in proteomics and cell fractionation to the Ulysse Biotech team. Joelle also masters various lab techniques, such as Western Blot, DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, qRT-PCR, bacterial transformation and several cloning methods.

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Mathias Bisaillon , Graduate student

Mathias Bisaillon is a trained lab technician and has recently obtained his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and biotechnology. He brings to Ulysse Biotech his knowledge of molecular biology, biochemistry, quality control, instrumental analytical chemistry, cell culture, bacterial fermentation and organic chemistry. He also brings valuable professional skills in collecting and analyzing of various types of lab and field data. Mathias has worked in quality control in a food testing lab and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in molecular biology within the company in collaboration with a UQTR research laboratory. His master’s work focuses on transcriptomic and metagenomic analysis of the Era Boot Pro product on plants subjected to hydric stress.