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A biotech company

Specializing in biotechnology, Ulysse Biotech is a company that brings together the genius of nature and the genius of humankind to care for the future of living beings.

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Harnessing the power of nature

Ulysse Biotech aims to play a key role in facing the major agricultural, sanitary and medical challenges of our times. Our disruptive technology can equal or surpass the results achieved by conventional chemistry and do so in natural, stable and durable ways.

The innovative solutions developed by Ulysse Biotech are proof to all that the future lies in nature. Our experts dare to revamp existing models and position our company as a spearhead of change, at the crossroads of environmental, technological and human progress.

Our products

Biostimulants at the service of an improved productivity

A range of biostimulants that harness the power of nature to maximize plant health, production and yields.