Eco-friendly agriculture products

Our experts in the production of biostimulants work to maximize the production, health and yield of your plants and crops.

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The importance of bacteria

Like human health, plant health is supported by certain strains of probiotic bacteria. Rhizospheric bacteria aid plant growth by supporting many key metabolic processes, such as nutrient acquisition and the production of essential secondary metabolites. Modern agricultural practices, such as soilless or hydroponic culture, have divided this natural symbiosis. Our team of experienced microbiologists and agronomists have developed biostimulant solutions based on elite varieties of rhizospheric bacteria that can recreate this natural symbiosis and improve plant health and vigour.

The power of effector molecules

Certain key molecules can be used to modify plant development. Plants have numerous receptors that allow them to sense the world around them, including the presence of enemies or the lack of water. Using green chemistry technologies, these receptors can be manipulated to optimize plant development without resorting to traditional chemistry.