Era Boost Pro - Strawberries

Results of several years of trials on the growth and yield of field-grown day-neutral strawberries. In these trials, Era Boost Pro was applied using a drip irrigation system.

In addition to evaluating the effects of Era Boost Pro on growth and yield, the trial aimed to measure the marketable yield and calibre of berries. .

fraise parcelle experimentale scaled

2020 - Average commercial mass harvested mass

Application of the treatment started on plants that were already growing, shortly after spring awakening when soil temperature had reached 15°C, and continued every month until harvest. The effect of Era Boost Pro was therefore progressive and the difference was most noticeable at the end of the production cycle.

2020 - Cummulative harvested mass of strawberry per plant

This type of response is similar to what is observed in greenhouse culture, as is the case with tomatoes, for example.

We are now studying the effect that earlier introduction of Era Boost Pro could have on the production cycle for this type of culture.

2019 absolute harvested strawberry mass

2019 - Cumulative harvested mass per treatment (40 plants)

Material and methods

1. Randomized block design, 5 replicates of 8 plants

2. Day-neutral Seascape strawberries

3. One application of Era Boost Pro per month (1.25 L/ha)


  • 2019: Yield increased by 8,6%
  • 2020: Yield increased by 13,4%