Era Boost Pro – Potatoes

Results of several years of trials conducted by McGill University on potato growth and yield. For these trials, Era Boost Pro was combined with granular fertilizer applied at sowing.

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2019 average marketable potato yield

Over its two-year reference period, the trial observed a statistically significant increase in yield of approximately 20% and 12%, depending on the date of sowing, for similar quantities. These results were observed in two completely opposite growing seasons (2018 was long, dry and hot; 2019 was short, wet and cold). This allowed the trial to evaluate effects on yield, application vector and sowing date, as well as climate impacts on the effectiveness of Era Boost Pro.

2018 average marketable potato yield

The results show not only that Era Boost Pro improves the yield of potatoes, but also plant robustness, and they show the product’s effectiveness in a variety of cultures and environments. Also, the especially high yields obtained in 2018 demonstrate Era Boost Pro’s protective effects on potatoes under conditions of hydric stress.

Material and methods

McGill University & Don Smith, PhD - Montreal, Canada - 2018/2019

Material and methods

1. Randomized block design, 4 replicates (6 rows of 6 m)

2. Sandy soil

3. Two sowing dates (May 14, 2018 and May 28, 2018, as well as May 22, 2019 and June 7, 2019)

4. Cultivar: Gold Rush

5. Fertilization: Starter: 10.9-15.2-16.3 (922 kg/ha) + 2nd application: Amidas 40-0-0-5.5s (555 kg/ha)

6. 1.6 L Éra Boost Pro per ton of fertilizer, applied to the starter fertilizer (1.5 L/ha)


  • Statistically significant increase in yield in both years for a similar quantity of approximately 20% and 12%, depending on date of sowing.
  • The results were observed in completely opposite growing seasons (2018 season: long dry and hot; 2019 season: short, wet and cold).