Era Boost Pro – Cabbage

Results of trials on the growth and yield of field-grown cabbage.

In addition to measuring the impact of Era Boost Pro on yields, the trial aimed to evaluate different strategies for applying the product. Frequency of application, product concentration and time of application were evaluated.

chou et laitue parcelle experimentale 1 scaled

Average mass of cabbage headhoux par réplica (10 choux)

In contrast to many other trials, here the cabbage plants, though field-grown, were grown under mulch and irrigated to minimize the effects of environmental stress.

Among all the tested application techniques, the best results were observed when the crop received two applications. The first application was on seedlings in seed flats after germination and root system development (required in this case because the bacteria present in Era Boost Pro are rhizospheric bacteria).

Cabbage harvest

The second application was made one month after transplanting in the field.

Applying the product on seedlings in the greenhouse is a very low-cost technique and easy to operationalize. This combination of applications increased the yield of cabbage by 11.2%.

Material and methods

1. Randomized block design, 4 réplicates of 10 cabbages.

2. Cabbage: Bourbon

3. 2 applications:
One week after transplanting (0.5 mL/L).
One month after transplanting (1 L/ha).


  • The average mass of cabbages increased by 11.2%.